NEW Bike Sales:

We are meeting with bike reps now to bring Texoma new choices and bigger selections to choose from. Very soon you will have plenty of options when purchasing your new bike.

Stay Tuned & check back soon to see who's bikes we will bring to Texoma!


EVERY new bike we sell comes with our "Service after the Sale...and Beyond" policy. FREE unlimited service for an entire year. Tune-ups, overhauls, adjustments...anything & everything. Unlimited means you can bring it back as many times as you want. How can we do this? We sell only top quality bikes, from reputable manufacturer's. The higher quality frames, forks, parts & components are built to last & perform. They simply don't require the same frequent repairs that lower quality bikes do. We do want your bike to ALWAYS perform at it's best. So, we encourage you to take advantage of the FREE service, but you will soon find out that only occassional service is necessary to keep your new ride rolling.


FREE service is for labor only. Parts are extra, However, most parts and components are warrantied for at least a year.


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